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Workitems migration


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We are migrating our CA IDM from 12.6 SP8 to 14.3 CP1. We have some tasks configured with Workflows.

Can you please let us know how we can migrate user's worklist in CA IDM. So that when we switch to new IDM, users worklists are not lost.




You can retain users' worklists by pointing your new (14.3) environment to the old (12.6.8) database at the cutover time.  Or you could clone the 12.6.8 DB and point the 14.3 environment to it. 

For parallel environment upgrades, you need to ensure your users run all workflows to completion before the cutover as there is no way to migrate the worklist data between environments

If you created a new database and environment for 14.3,  there is no way to migrate worklist or task persistence data because the environment OIDs from old and new environments will not match. There is no way to sync up the workflows between environments.