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PRF0515E Spill file access error. Exhausted all memory and Spill file allocs.


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Batch jobs failing with "PRF0515E  Spill file access error. Exhausted all memory and Spill file allocs."

PRF0521E  Cluster for Spill file could not be defined.      

Is there a way to stop Spill files being created?                                                   





Release : 20.0

Component : CA Report Facility for DB2 for z/OS


There is no way to stop the creation of a Spill file when
the main memory is exhausted, and the report is too
large for the main memory alone.

There are some options for customizing the product settings to avoid the creation of a spill file. 

Resource Control
Using user profiles, it is possible to define various resource controls by user, group, and environment.

Maximum number of rows returned by a query
Maximum amount of memory that can be used
Maximum size of the spill file that can be used when CA Report Facility
uses all the specified report memory