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CA Gen block-mode CICS application converts text to uppercase for a Case Sensitive attribute


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Running a simple Gen 8.5 block-mode CICS application for a POC which is showing some odd behaviour.
Entering mixed case text into an entry field on the screen for a work set attribute which is marked as TEXT, Case Sensitive and optional.  However, when the screen executes the function, it converts the value from mixed (lower case) to all upper case. Changes to the edit pattern and other items have no effect.


Release : 8.x
Component : CA Gen Run Time, Blockmode


The root cause is not likely to be model related and most likely related to the runtime environment.
When running under CICS not having the correct UCTRAN option in the CICS PROFILE and TYPETERM definitions can cause the reported behaviour. Obtaining a CICS trace when executing the application will show what is being used.
Some relevant links below:

Problem confirmed as being due to having TYPETERM UCTRAN set to Yes and per the above links the TYPETERM UCTRAN attribute is the overriding value.