CE-APM is set up under the wrong Site ID - cannot run with any other Broadcom products due to LMP SITE card
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CE-APM is set up under the wrong Site ID - cannot run with any other Broadcom products due to LMP SITE card


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Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management (APM)


My Client is doing a Proof of Concept project for CE APM. 

  1. For some reason, CE APM has been set up using SITEID(NNNNNNN1) / TOPS Site ID XXXXX1.  But all the other Broadcom mainframe products on this system are set up under SITEID(0NNNNNNN2) / TOPS Site ID XXXXX2.

Since the LMPKEYS file on the test LPAR already has a SITEID card for the old siteid, and all the other LMP keys refer to it, I cannot add CE APM's LMP keys (which use the new SITEID) and a different SITEID card) to LMPEYS, and so cannot run the product.



Release : 10.5

Component : Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management


Customers with contractual agreements such as this require a multi-step CAS9 proc.  

  • Each step requires a unique KEYS member
  • KEYS consist of a single SITE ID card and all products contractually related to that site.
  • First step
  •      Read in a KEYS member consisting of a unique SITE ID and it's related products   
  •      Read in the PARMLIB member consisting of the CAIRIM control cards for each product regardless of site id
  • Each subsequent step
  •       Only read in a unique KEYS member for a different SITE ID and it's related products   
  •      Change the PARMLIB DD to DD DUMMY  

Additional Information

If the KEYS are not formatted correctly, CAIRIM may issue a CAS9125E message for different reasons.

Please refer to the following knowledge articles:

  • Article 135156 refers to the individual Product keys which may receive - CAS9125E - CPUID IS NOT 6 CHARACTERS 
  • Article 143298 refers to problem if SiteKey is not defined correctly - CAS9125E - INVALID DATA: MISSING KEYWORD: LMPCODE
  • Article 142986 refers to problems that will occur if the keys are not coded exactly as received from licensing -  CAS9125E - INVALID DATA: KEY TAMPERING

** If applying new keys in a z/VM environment, see Knowledge article # 189417.