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DA Details tab status does not match device Context Report Details pane status


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


When reviewing status for a Device in Performance Management different values are seen.

In the Data Aggregator Monitored Devices Inventory, on the Details tab for the device we see Status: Up / Green.

On the Context Report Details pane for the device we see: Not Reachable / Red

According to a Trend report for Reachability showing 0% and ping failure from the Data Collector CLI to the device IP shows the Details pane in Context Report is correct.

Why is the DA Details pane status Up incorrect?


DX NetOps Performance Management release r20.2.3 or r3.7.16 and earlier


Due to known defect DE480665

A change to Reachability collected via SNMP was made to return 0 for values instead of REQUEST_TIMED_OUT when the device is no longer Reachable. Since it's considered a valid SNMP request/response pair, we don't mark the device MGMT LOST because there was that one successful SNMP response in the poll response returned from DC to DA.


The fix will correct it so the correct state in the DA details tab is shown. The fix for defect DE480665 is included in the r21.2.1 release. Upgrade to r21.2.1 or newer releases for a permanent solution.

Possible workarounds to the problem suggested are the following. Note these are not tested.

  1. Is the device still in the network? Should we still be polling it?
    1. If not set the Lifecycle state to mark it as Retired.
  2. Fix the cause for failed Ping between device and Data Collector. Once resolved take these steps:
    1. Set up a Discovery Profile for the specific device IPs involved.
    2. Set ICMP to Enabled in the Discovery Profile (Advanced tab in Discovery Profile configuration).
    3. Run the Discovery Profile.
      1. Note: No need to delete the device, just run the new profile against it's IP with ICMP enabled.
    4. We'll mark the device with support for ICMP, and Reachability will switch to using ICMP instead of SNMP, thus working around the problem.
    5. If the device doesn't exist anymore, this method won't work. In that case mark it as Retired.