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Processes Probe - short period maintenance for single profiles


Article ID: 201611


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Scenario: We have some processes which need to be taken down for very short maintenance periods (15 minutes).  We don't want to put the whole server in maintenance mode, but we also don't want to get alerts for this process during these times. Is there an automated way to disable monitoring for a specific process at a scheduled time?


Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - PROCESSES


This is difficult as we generally do not get this granular with maintenance, but here are some possible options:


Method 1: Within the processes probe itself

This can be done in the processes probe; it's not super easy to set up but it can be done per-process which makes it a good candidate.

There are some drawbacks:

a. It can only get as granular as 1-hour periods
b. It has to be reconfigured all the time if the maintenance period is at a different time each day or changes regularly
c. You would have to set this up on every copy of the probe for every process involved


- open the processes probe GUI
- go to the Schedules tab
- here you can define a schedule for when alarms should or should not be sent.  Then you can apply this schedule to a process or processes later.
- right click in the empty window and choose "Add"
- Here you will be presented with a screen like the following screenshot - each green square represents one hour of a day and if it is green that means alarms will be sent during that period; so by default we can see that this is set to send alarms all the time, 24/7.

The interface is a bit confusing - you can either click on a day of the week on the left, or one of the numbers on the top - clicking an individual green square doesn't do anything so you can't get super granular but for example, suppose your maintenance period is every day at 2pm-2:15pm.

You could set the schedule like this, by clicking 00-13 at the top row, skipping 14 (2pm) and then clicking 15-23.   See below:

Set a name for the schedule and click OK.

Now you can go into the monitoring profile for a process and choose this schedule:

And this will cause the alarms from this particular process to only be sent during "green" times on the schedule.

Method 2: NAS Pre-processor

You could set up a Pre-processing rule in NAS to exclude the alarms from processes with a specific process name in the message, e.g.:

And then in the "Operating Period" tab of the profile you can set a period when this will be active (so you would define a period when you want the alarms to be stopped, as in the following example again showing them blocked from 2-3pm):

Neither one of these methods is perfect but I think this is probably about as close as you can get, short of putting the whole thing into maintenance mode.