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CREATE SUBSTITUTION VARIABLES that allow portal user in self service to put their PW in for Javelin flows


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We want to do multiple publishes in a workflow using the API.
We don't want to hard code the user/password that Javelin uses to get the security token when connecting to our server from within the flow.
In an LDAP environment, we can't create a non-person dummy ID and we don't want to use the admin or a specific person's ID each time.

This will allow for better auditing of our system's use.

so when some enters data in the field all they see is ********* and this is stored so that Javelin can decode.



TDM Portal 4.9.X

Component : CA Test Data Manager


Overview of steps to accomplish this:

1) we currently in TDM Portal have the ability for variable password types
2) the tile will display the variable input box
3) you type in the password which will be shown as *****
4) the data being typed will be provided as an input variable to Javelin
5) javelin will then use it as it sees fit
6) in your post publish action you can either use host type or workflow type to feed in your variable

This is documented here:

To Create a Self Service Tile you need to use ARD:

Additional Information

Below are additional Detailed example:
1) create a Javelin flow with a Variable Name that will Match a FIELD name in your generator process. IE Field1Var50
2) In the TDM Portal Create a workflow and import the Javelin Flow from Step 1
3) Create A generator
-The generator table needs to have a field name that MATCHES the variable used in the Javelin flow. In this case Field1Var50
- Create a variable to be used on the Self-Sevice Tile for the password

-Use the variable in the field from Steps 1 and 2 above

- Set up a Post Publish Action with an action of WORKFLOW and the name of the WorkFlow you set up in Step 2
  - Check the option to Publish Data 

-Make sure you have your configuration enabled.
4) Create an ARD Flow
5) add a process block to the Flow
6) in the Make system Data tab choose set Publish and set your variable:

7) save the ARD flow to the TDM Repository
8) go back to the TDM Portal to the Self Service Flows and edit the new flow and choose Show in Self Service Catalog

9) now when you go to the Serl Service Catalog and run your flow you will see the password field that will be passed t your Javelin Flow