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Starting in Spectrum, script will now also stop the SpectroSERVER and Archive Manager


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Prior to Spectrum, the restart command did not shut down the SpectroSERVER and Archive Manager. The script now does shut down these processes. What has changed?


Release :

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Starting in the script has changed. Instead of using /etc/init.d it is now going to use systemctl (service units) going forward. Particulary, this is part of the script that has been changed.


my $processd_exe = "$ENV{'SPECROOT'}/lib/SDPM/processd$exe" ;

my $system_cmd = "systemctl" ;

# Pass appropriate argument to processd

if(-x $processd_exe)


@command = ("$system_cmd $task processd");




As an alternative, you can use the processd executable to restart the service and this will not stop the SS and AM. Below is an example:

[[email protected] SDPM]# date

Fri Oct 16 09:14:49 EDT 2020

[[email protected] SDPM]# ./processd --restart

Waiting 20 seconds for daemon to shutdown....

daemon stopped

starting "SPECTRUM Process Daemon" daemon: pid 237730

VNM.OUT file:

Oct 16 09:10:28 : /usr/Spectrum/SS/SpectroSERVER

is now ready on port 0xbeef...