UIM - IIS Probe negative Memory Usage on Application Pool
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UIM - IIS Probe negative Memory Usage on Application Pool


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We use the IIS Probe to monitor the application pools. We noticed that some application pools show negative RAM values.

Why is a negative RAM value displayed there?



Release : UIM 9.x/20.x

Component : UIM - IIS probe


Powershell queries executed over the IIS server show negative values as in the IIS sample from the IIS Probe.


In such scenario we recommend to engage the windows administrator and verify what is the output of the IIS Application pool that is showing the issue. Most likely the the memory value is negative at the source. If the values are negative then the issue must be investigated from the Windows side as the UIM probe is working as expected. 

Additional Information

Example Powershell script to pull the information from the server ( this is not what the probe uses, it is just an example on how the windows administrator can pull the information from the server and see if it is actually coming in as negative from Windows)


$list = get-process w3wp
$lineitems = @()
   foreach($p in $list)
                $linestr = New-Object PSObject
                $filter = “Handle='” + $p.Id + “‘”
                $wmip = get-WmiObject Win32_Process -filter $filter
                $cmdline = $wmip.CommandLine
                [regex]$pattern=”-ap “”(.+)”””
                $PoolNameStr = $pattern.Match($cmdline).Groups[1].Value
                $PoolName = $PoolNameStr.substring(0, $PoolNameStr.IndexOf(“”””))
                $linestr | add-member NoteProperty Id  $p.Id
                $linestr | add-member NoteProperty VM $p.VM
                $linestr | add-member NoteProperty PM  $p.PM
                $linestr | add-member NoteProperty WS  $p.WS
                $linestr | add-member NoteProperty CPU  $p.CPU
                $linestr |  add-member NoteProperty “AppPoolName” $PoolName
                $lineitems += $linestr
$lineitems | Format-Table * -AutoSize