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OPS/MVS 14.0 Pax File Assistance and What Files Are Required for OPS/MVS 14.0 Only.


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Installing OpsMVS release 140 and have downloaded the product from the CA-Broadcom website, and successfully loaded the paxfiles into my zOS USS filesystem. 
However, looking around the USS directory I'm not seeing any obvious OpsMVS installation files, just CCS and MSMB files. The README files don't mention OpsMVS. 
The files downloaded into my PC (viewed in File Explorer), and the Pax files in the zOS USS directory do not seem complete.  
The downloaded file named OPS.V14R0.ZOSMF.pax.Z was empty.  





Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


There was some sort of interruption to the original transmission, rendering it incomplete.  This was evident by the file size for OPSMVS zOSMF downloadable PAX being 0 KB.  Interruptions in transmission can occur at either end, or somewhere in between.  The recommendation is to first reattempt the download, but should the problem continue a Broadcom Support case should be opened. 

If only the V14 PAX for OPS/MVS is needed, ie, there is no need for Common Services, Automation Point, etc, then an easier route is to download only the one file that is required, rather than the entire suite.   To do this:

1.  On the Product Download Page (screenshot 2 above) select the version as shown.  

2.  Next click the product name link to the LEFT of the release Pull down.   

   (NOTE: that this is a multipage response.  The page may be advance by clicking the arrow at the bottom right of the screen.  Page 2 is shown below.)

3.  Finally select your preferred transmission option for OPS Classic if not using ZOSMF to install.