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Excluding entire directories on our new NetApp device


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Protection Engine for NAS


Does Symantec Protection Engine have a setting that permits the exclusion of files and folders on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device?




Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) does not have a feature to exclude files and folders within the vfiler of a NetApp Filer (or any other NAS) from being scanned base on a full path to a folder or file.

SPE is a server that scans files on request from other devices or servers. Many devices, such as NetApp Filer, have their own mechanism for excluding files and folders from being included in on-demand scan requests sent to SPE. This is the best practice as it saves unnecessary overhead both within the NAS and within the network while a device sends an unneeded scan request to SPE.


Additional Information

For syntax specific to NetApp Filer, please see NetApp's documentation:

Title: ONTAP 9 Documentation Center - vserver vscan on-access-policy paths-to-exclude add


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