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ENDEVOR SCM Zowe Endevor plugin error after upgrading plugin to 6.0


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


After upgrading endevor-for-zowe-cli to version 6.0,   getting the following error:

$ zowe endevor list elements -i ENDEVOR --env DEV --sn 1 --sys TEST --sub TESTSUB --typ COBOL
Command Error:
Endevor Rest Api version 1 base-path detected. Please use version 2.



Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Zowe 6.23   

endevor-for-zowe-cli 6.0 


Update Zowe Endevor default profile to use API V2 base path : -base-path EndevorService/api/v2

ZOWE CLI help guide has been updated with examples showing how to create Endevor profile: 

Create an endevor profile called 'ndvrSample' to connect to CA Endevor SCM web services at host ndvr123 and port 8080,using http protocol, with / EndevorService/api/v2 base path, allowing self-signed certificates:

  • zowe profiles create endevor-profile ndvrSample --host ndvr123 --port 8080 --user ibmuser --password myp4ss --prot http --base-path EndevorService/api/v2 --reject-unauthorized false 


Additional Information

Issue the following line on a browser to display the Endevor REST API version::


As a way to check the maintenance level of the REST API.