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Upgrading to 4.8 - AD access disabled on datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I started upgrading our test ambient from 4.6 to 4.8.1 version... (After 4.8, I will upgrade to 4.9 and install all the patches)

First installed the TDM Portal, and after I installed the GTServer (for the client utilities).

On the portal, I logged in normally with my AD user, exactly as worked on 4.6.

But, when I try to call DataMaker, it looks like the upgrade disabled the AD integration.

I tried to log in with the administrator, to set up AD Integration again and the active directory group, but I think that the login with local accounts is disabled here.

So I can´t login with my AD account (i´m administrator), and can´t enter with the Administrator local account.

What can i do?

I have access to the database, if needed.



TDM Portal 4.8.X
GT DataMaker 4.8.X

Component: CA Test Data Manager


The AD group was set to blank in the AD configuration for datamaker.
The issue, is that when I upgraded the version from 4.6 to 4.8.1; it removed the AD group, on “Maintain Security->System Settings”.


To correct this the client took the following steps:
1) Follow the below KB article to enable the local administrator account
you can use the below KB article to see if the built-in administrator password has expired and reset it.
Administrator and user account in the gtrep database is locked out

2) As the client did not know the password they took the following steps:
 - I go to another TDM install i have here, and selected a local user...
 - On this user, using datamaker i changed a pwd to another pwd.
 - Then i access the database, and get the encrypted password.
 - I go to my lab, and updated my administrator “su_password”, with the encrypted password from the other ambient.
 - And, now i can login with my local administrator user...

With local Admin I go to the “AD Group” configuration on the Security option on DataMaker, and see that the field was blank...

I updated with the AD group, and my AD integration on DataMaker, begins to work again!!!!

Additional Information

The default Password for administrator is marmite

When this is encrypted in the database the value is:

To update to this known value you can run the following query:
update  table gtrep_security_user set su_password ='BPFj/zB08n3Br/45maAIzI+Ch8vk39RRrzi8PPYJM6ps' where su_name ='Administrator'

Then you can login with administrator is marmite