Change in formatting of sender email address from ASM
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Change in formatting of sender email address from ASM


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


We have ASM alert emails integrated with Truesight. What we noticed since last Thursday is that the format of the sender email has changed:


From=DX App Synthetic Monitoring App <[email protected]>


From: "DX App Synthetic Monitoring App" <[email protected]>

There is an inclusion of " " in the sender email.

Do you know if this was intentional, as we would like to be notified about changes like these.

This broke the integration between ASM and Truesight.


Release : 10.1

Component : ASM OPMS


Per Engineering, Broadcom switched the emailing provider and the new provider uses this form


Both addresses are valid. The display name in the "from" field without quotes has been obsoleted very long time ago, see RFC 2822 from April 2001:

We recommend setting up triggers or integration based on the actual email address (the content of angle brackets: as that should never change without prior notice)