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Error when accessing Arcot Admin console after a new install


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I am following the instructions to install Risk Server and the Admin console and am accessing the Arcot Admin console via an Apache reverse proxy and the URL is:

However, when I submit the password for MASTERADMIN, it goes into a loop and I see the following in the Arcot Admin log file:

2020-10-07 10:42:23,812 BST : [http-nio2-] : INFO  : framework.utils.TxIdGenerator : [N/A] : [N/A] : [N/A] : [Arcot Admin Console] : [Admin Console] : [N/A] : Transaction ID = 2125
2020-10-07 10:42:23,850 BST : [http-nio2-] : ERROR : web.interceptor.LinkControlInterceptor : [N/A] : [N/A] : [N/A] : [Arcot Admin Console] : [Admin Console] : [N/A] : Invalid host details found in the header details.

Do I need to configure somewhere to say that the AdminConsole will be accessed using a DNS name?


Release : 9.1

Component : RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


Need to set "ProxyPreserveHost On" in reverse proxy configuration to resolve the issue.