Linking Symantec Software Add-Ons To The Appliances


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ProxySG Software - SGOS CAS-S500 CAS-S200 CAS-VA


This article will guide you on how to link and de-link add ons to Symantec appliances.

How to link add ons to Symantec appliances?

How to associate add ons to Symantec appliances?

How to apply add ons Symantec appliances?


To link the add-ons to any appliance, please follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Visit and click on Symantec Enterprise Security

Step 2: Click on My Entitlements to view your entitled products

Step 3: Click on the company name followed by the Site ID the appliance is registered under.

Step 4: Click on the appropriate appliance type for the concerned serial number. For Example, I have highlighted SG-S200 to view the serial numbers. Click on the Download License button for the corresponding appliance serial number.

Step 5: Click on software add on to see the currently linked and on Add on to link new software add on like File Inspection or BCIS.

Step 6: After clicking on Add on customer needs to select the ad on from the list of available add on and move it to the Software Add-ons Selected for this Appliance using the highlighted navigation keys. Accept the EULA and click on Link/ De-Link.

Step 7: Once the software add-ons are linked, Generate New Key and apply it on the appliance console, then wait 30 minutes in order to new add-ons details become available at appliance.

If you need help with any of these steps, please contact Broadcom Customer Care Representative by opening a ticket online or use our Virtual Agent Chat.