Add-Ons Linking/De-Linking to the Symantec Appliances (proxy SG, ASG,CAS, Web Filter)
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Add-Ons Linking/De-Linking to the Symantec Appliances (proxy SG, ASG,CAS, Web Filter)


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ProxySG Software - SGOS CAS-S500 CAS-S200 CAS-VA Licensing - Symantec Products Support Portal


This article will guide you on how to link and de-link add ons to Symantec appliances.

  1. How to link/associate add ons to Symantec appliances?
  2. How to apply add ons to Symantec appliances?
  3. How to De-Link Add-ons(expired) from Symantec appliances?


When you purchase/renew Contracts/Appliance the existing/New add-ons will not be added to the appliance.


Linking/Associating Add-ons to Appliance

  1. Login to Broadcom Support Portal and select the division Cyber Security Software

  2. Click on the My Entitlement tile.

  3. Click on the company name followed by the Site ID the appliance is registered under or Search by Product Name, Serial Number, Site ID or by keyword.

  4. Click on the appropriate appliance type for the concerned serial number.

  5. Click on the Download License button for the corresponding appliance serial number(as shown below).

  6. Click on Software Add-on tab to see the currently linked Add-on(s).

  7. Select the Add-on option(as shown above) to link new Software Add-On(s) like File Inspection or BCIS.

  8. You will find list of add-on(s) associated with your company site id. You will find 2 columns Available Add-ons(Shows list of available add-ons under the site id) & Linked Add-ons(shows list of add-ons which are already linked)

  9. Select the particular Add-on(s) from the left section(Available Add-ons) and move it to the Right Column(Linked Add-ons) using the Link button

  10. Accept the EULA and click on Link/ De-Link.

Applying Add-ons to Symantec Appliances

  • Once the software add-ons are linked, Select Download License from Download Licenses Tab and apply it on the appliance console, then wait minimum of 30 minutes in order to new add-ons details become available in appliance

Delinking of Add-on(s) (expired) from Symantec Appliance

  1. To de-link or removed expired Add-on(s) from the appliance, just need to update the add-ons list in the Broadcom portal.

  2. Follow the same steps as in Linking/Associating Add-ons to Appliance until Step 8

  3. Then Select the Add-On(s) from right column (Linked Add-ons) and move it to left Column(Available Add-ons) using the de-link buttons

  4. Accept the EULA and click on Link/ De-Link.


If you need any further assistance with add-ons, please contact customer care team by initiating a chat on the Support Portal or create a case using the Webform/Case Management.

Additional Information

If you have an appliance Swap recently and got the appliance, suggest you to reach out to our Customer Care for linking the add-ons.