Capture and deploy a Linux disk image
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Capture and deploy a Linux disk image


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


I’m trying capture and deploy a Linux disk image.  I was assuming I needed to boot into a Linux PE environment to do that, but is that true, or will a Ghost execution from WinPE understand and capture (and deploy as bootable) a Linux disk image?


DS 8.5 RU3
GSS 3.3 RU4


Please refer to KB  201404 "Getting PXE error "E53 - no boot filename received" when trying to boot from a LinuxPE" regarding support for LinuxPE (LinPE).

We try to keep Ghost and Deployment Solution working the same way, regardless of host system.
Currently the differences are:
1) Windows deploy to UEFI system may be performed only from WinPE.
2) Linux GPT conversion (new feature in upcoming release)  may be performed only under LinPE.
3) Linux deploy to UEFI  system (only POC for now) may performed only under LinPE.

Deploying Linux image from WinPE as well as deploying Windows image from LinPE doesn't fully work/not recommended.
There are some post-deployment tasks requiring a matching platform.