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First template sentence in the feature file is generating on the same line as the Scenario Name


Article ID: 201515


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When exporting Automation the formatting has changed and there is a new line missing between the config file text and the text outputted from the block.


Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


Configuration issue in ARD 3.0 but not in 2.9.


This issue can be resolved with a change to the config file. The change/correction would be to include another line break (or "Step Join") of any kind to the Section Header Steps.
Here is an explanation of the difference observed between ARD 2.9 and ARD 3.0.
- In ARD 2.9 step joins would be printed at the end of a set of steps, for example in the section header. In ARD 2.9 this was considered a defect since usually Header/Section step joins are used for things like commas so ending a section including another step join prevents many JSON based use cases.  
- In ARD 3.0+, this was corrected and ARD does not print a "step join" between the headers and sections themselves.  
- Notation (1&2) indicates the problem where there's a step join on the right in ARD ARD2.9) but not on the left (3.0+) around when the scenario starts.
- This corresponds to where the Section Header Steps finish, just before the Section Steps themselves begin.
Further enhancementsin this area are in 3.2.