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Character limitations on jenkins RA plugin/in nolio


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


In order to automate nolio jenkins plugin usage we would need to know character/text field limitations set by either nolio jenkins plugin or nolio itself (when called via jenkins plugin).

We are especially interested in following fields set in plugin:

  • Project Name
  • Deployment Template Category Name
  • Deployment Template Name
  • Deployment Plan Name
  • Deployment Plan Description
  • Deployment Plan Build Name
  • Deployment Name
  • Deployment Description


Release : 6.6



As Jenkins Plugin of RA works coherently with RA we have some checks at each ends. We have requested DEV to check requested information at both end i.e. plugin and RA and below is our finding and recommendation.

Release Automation: The action parameter values have a limit of 512 characters (UTF-8 Encoding). These are action parameter values

RA Jenkins Plugin: There is no explicit limit on at plugin end, but as mentioned above it works in coherency with RA the underlying limit will be determined by RA

RA UI components:

  • Project Name:                                            100 Chars
  • Project Description:                                    250 Chars
  • Template Category Name:                         100 Chars
  • Template Category Description:                 250 Chars
  • Deployment Template Name:                    100 Chars
  • Deployment Template Description:            250 Chars
  • Deployment Plan Name:                           100 Chars
  • Deployment Plan Description:                   250 Chars
  • Deployment Plan Build Name:                  100 Chars
  • Deployment Description:                           250 Chars
  • Deployment Name:                                   100 Chars

Recommendation: Our recommendation is to limit the mentioned values to 512 Chars (UTF-8 encoding) for any action parameter and for any UI component with "Name" to 100 UTF-8 Chars and for "Description" to 250 UTF-8 Chars