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DX APM SaaS - Agent Fixes


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


What are the Agent fixes on each SaaS release?

NOTE: This report list fixes for Java Agent, Infra Agent and Powerpack Only, it does not include .net/nodejs/php agents




Version 20.9 
October 2020
Fixed Issues:

APM Component Defect ID   Affected Customers
Infra Agent DE470509 APM - Postgres SQL DB - Description Property Missing  
Infra Agent DE478079 [Azure Alert mapping ]: Other services's alert are displayed under AKS , App service plan ,API management , APP service []  
Infra Agent DE477970 Alert mapping not working as expected for Azure API  
Infra Agent DE477612 Remote Host monitor:Default alter not displaying []  
Infra Agent DE475989 JMX Metrics showing for terminated pods  
Infra Agent DE475986 JMX metrics are not collected  
Infra Agent DE476589 APMIM calculator related log messages are displaying repeatedly in info mode for every 15 secs in EM logs  
Infra Agent DE476522 [20.9.4:GCP Extension ] : Autoscale service is missing from ADD page  
Infra Agent DE459481 RabbitMQ : Default alerts are not pulled  
Infra Agent DE459480 RabbitMQ : Mismatch of cluster level metrics on metric view  
Infra Agent DE453443 RabbitMQ  : Poll interval should be 15 seconds in  
Infra Agent DE467114 APM 20.2 no Metrics display for  Mysql DB by default when ""metrics from All Layers toggle off in Infrastructure layer  
Infra Agent DE472868 postgresql-42.0.0 vulnerability [UnifiedMonitoringAgent-dist]  
Infra Agent DE468487 On-Prem []: Download page of ""Amazon Web Services - AWS"" extends the container size  
Infra Agent DE473930 UMA - Liveness probe is failing in 20.8.0_fixes branch build  
Infra Agent DE461035 Refactoring the DefaultAttributes extension to azuretracing and weblogicattributes  
Infra Agent DE461647 99.99.nextgen-coverage job is failing with agent postgresql extension after MDCU of 99.99.nextgen lyradev  
Infra Agent DE419202 [AutoAttach] add support for spring boot app naming  
Infra Agent DE465296 [Webflux] extension has high overhead.  
Infra Agent DE464618 Unable to monitor ElasticSearch cluster with latest image Yes
Infra Agent DE464185 [Webflux] frontend to servlet edge problem (Santander app)  
Infra Agent DE452436 jackson-mapper-asl-1.9.0 vulnerabilities [F5 LTM Extension for Introscope Agent - F5LTMExt]  
Infra Agent DE414020 Metrics under storage and memory are duplicate - virtual memory, swap memory  
Infra Agent DE463150 [Webflux] Aggregated ART for Fragments doesn't show correct data  
Infra Agent DE419949 Hyper link for Infra Agent Properties under Install Instructions for Docker is not proper  
Infra Agent DE462620 [Webflux] Fix application name for spring-boot 2.1.6 apps  
Infra Agent DE463151 [Webflux] spring-boot frontend responds before backends completed  
Java Agent DE471714 Remove names of people from agent artifacts such as PBD/Configuration files  
Java Agent DE473593 Enable introscope.agent.weblogic.crossjvm OOTB  
Java Agent DE470258 Failing com.wily.introscope.acc.agent.RegistrationTests on 99.99.nextgen (ConcurrentModificationException and NullPointerException, )  
Java Agent DE459107 Detailed logging in URL Regex preprocessor is missing.  
Java Agent DE472870 ant-1.10.5 vulnerability [climon]  
Java Agent DE470858 Thread name is blank & Thread state is UNKNOWN for Entry/Exit Point Detection Thread Stacks for Async app  
Java Agent DE473403 [JASS 20.8.2] tomcat deadlock running spring mvc test  
Java Agent DE474339 MERGE - APM 10.7 Hotfix#66 - 32057106 - AIP Gateway HTTP request are failing Yes
Java Agent DE474347 Fix - APM 20.6 HF#1 - Sonatype Scan found a high vulnerability in latest 20.6 Java agent Yes
Java Agent DE468057 Fix - POC - APM SaaS - Caixa: Correlation with remote controller isn't working Yes
Java Agent DE459125 SaaS 20.5: Missing the description for Mule Flow-Error Alert in the main SaaSMM.jar  
Java Agent DE472635 [CVE-High] : Java-WebSocket : 1.3.9  
Java Agent DE468677 FIX - 20325316 IBM - Informix Database - Not Appearing in Team Center - Also Format of Backend Node Yes
Java Agent DE463446 [Async Enh] async traces 'Name'  isn't consistent with sync ones  
Powerpack DE462356 Fix - 31900621 - Clamp value of 50000 Yes
Powerpack DE459605 Tibco 5.14 support: Issues seen with Java agent from GCP Prod  


Version 20.6
June 2020
Fixed Issues:

APM Component Defect ID   Affected Customers
Infra Agent DE468833 clamp error message of 1500 is coming of DirectoryService scanner for containerinfo  
Infra Agent DE468819 CPU utilisation (mCore) metric is showing less value than the actual value  
Infra Agent DE460067 NullPointerException in  
Infra Agent DE464448 Default Alerts and Metric Overview are coming disabled for ORACLE DB vertex in map view []  
Infra Agent DE448098 APMIA on Solaris Sparc V9 reports as ""Unknown Host"" despite the machine reporting having hostname set  
Infra Agent DE465845 PCF Extension ACC build is broken in 20.6.0  
Infra Agent DE465061 [UMA Attach] attach fails with 'capabilities' set to 'drop all' in k8s yml  
Infra Agent DE465060 [UMA] Rare NPE Handling in AutoAttach Threads  
Infra Agent DE463787 20.6: ADD Fields Descriptions are going out side popup []  
Infra Agent DE463788 20.6: In ADD AWS Accounts filed not allowing the value when we have the external ID []  
Infra Agent DE447432 APMIA (on Solaris/SparcV9) cannot deal with edited IntroscopeAgent.profile where log4j.logger.IntroscopeAgent= line was uncommented and edited  
Infra Agent DE457263 20.4Branch : Azure :Count feature is not working correctly for azure services  
Infra Agent DE461458 legacy version support for UMA  
Infra Agent DE460485 Numberformat Exception on watchNode method  
Infra Agent DE459112 ETCD monitoring is not working  
Infra Agent DE462496 CF Extension is not stable for CHO run  
Infra Agent DE457423 20.4 testing : Weblogic Infra : The copy jar file instructions are incorrect on ADD screen  
Infra Agent DE455985 99.99.nextgen: ADD pop up: ""WeblogiInfra Monitor"" spelling is incorrect.  
Infra Agent DE461265 [99.99.nextgen]: Getting $(extn.postgresql.desc), instead of information for PostgreSQL DB Monitor.  
Infra Agent DE444525 MongoDB Automation is failing  
Infra Agent DE438579 Host node and Integration node are not getting correlated fo IIB Infra host monitoring enabled agent  
Infra Agent DE458933 APM - UMA: Kubernetes Node level Alerts are not coming in the HOST vertex on the Infra layer  
Infra Agent DE447619 Weblogic Infra : app to infra correlation should be implemented  
Infra Agent DE454990 Duplicate error/INFO messages displayed in IA logs when  Queue manager went down  
Infra Agent DE454987 MQ IA Agent: If Dead Letter queue is not associated to QM , observed ""QueueBrowserUtil.mqProcessDLQMessage "" WARN messages in IA logs  
Infra Agent DE456324 Fix - Monitoring datapower not showing load balancer groups items Yes
Infra Agent DE456323 Fix - 31783869 - IA profile recreated with root permissions after customer changed ownership of file Yes
Infra Agent DE442904 Forgerock - Only User configurable properties should be exposed in file  
Java Agent DE28599 Agent throws ThreadDump Extension failed to register its service Yes
Java Agent DE461599 agent repo doesn't build in 20.6.0  
Java Agent DE459297 Opentracing correlation not working with Helm based deployment  
Java Agent DE458204 Fix failing unit tests in Agent  
Java Agent DE458373 No Error in the log when an extension service Invocation has error  
Java Agent DE456748 20.4.0: Trace Type drop down disappears on selecting a trace type that has no transaction to display  
Powerpack DE466381 MQBindings:Alerts status,Metric Overview and Metric Browser Issue[[]  
Powerpack DE457502 20.4: Nginx IA : default Alert status is unknown  
Powerpack DE405769 Mule ESB to GW (Proxy) correlation is not working in Mule 3.x []  
Powerpack DE457086 IBM MQ Binding: Exceptions in system Test Logs  
Powerpack DE457532 20.4 Oracle SOA BPEL:Database Tab appearing beside BusinessTransaction Tab  
Powerpack DE457439 GraphQL: Observed multiple issues during Perf run Yes
Powerpack DE456128 IIB Alerts are missing in GCP Prod env  
Powerpack DE458752 MQ IA :without Authentication and MCA User ID  -Queue Manager is unable to Connect  
Powerpack DE456145 When MQ not able to connect Queue manager  due to user permission issues, in investigator we are getting profile name instead of QM name  
Powerpack DE456147 MQ ATC UI: Vertices are displaying in grayed out color , alerts & metrics overview are empty  
Powerpack DE456458 MQ:2 channel instances of same channel are running for IA agent client when IA agent connects to MQ in SSL mode  
Powerpack DE457500 20.4 IBM MQ Java and IA:Default 'Alerts' and 'Metric overview' is not getting in Component View  


Version 20.4

May 2020

Fixed issues:

APM Component Defect Id   Affected Customers
Infra Agent DE440488 Oracle rac & Oracle: User Privileges to execute explain plan for any schema level tables []  
Infra Agent DE457172 Redis: version showing in ACC when downloading from  
Infra Agent DE457449 20.4 Oracle EBS DB Traces:Parent Id showing wrong for Request_ID  
Infra Agent DE440443 Install Instructions for RAC & EBS should be updated correctly in ACC  
Infra Agent DE445637 Weblogic Infra : STATE_VALUE remains RUNNING( 7) even after managed node is stopped(shutdown)  
Infra Agent DE457253 UMA installation on Openshift does not start up cluster-performance-prometheus pod automatically  
Infra Agent DE454532 Azure proxy settings - Techdoc  updation  
Infra Agent DE447344 Duplicate jars in apmia/core/ext & apmia/lib  
Infra Agent DE456158 UMA installation on Openshift does not start up DaemonSet pod automatically  
Infra Agent DE450933 Openshift HA Proxy :  Error occurred while running the command ""oc create -f caagent-openshiftmonitor.yml""  
Infra Agent DE454344 Weblogic Infra : The jars 'wlclient' and 'wljmxclient'  should be replaced with 'wlthint3client.jar' on apmia/lib  
Java Agent DE455055 Application to Host Correlation is broken for Kubernetes on ATC view  
Java Agent DE454249 Memory overhead with new TT sampling interval  
Java Agent DE455084 Agent fails to start on Jvm7 due to apache-camel.tar.gz being compiled with jvm8  
Powerpack DE432585 IIB IA: Metrics values for 'Resource Statistics' are coming as Cumulative metrics where was should Per Interval  
Powerpack DE448777 Message Flow & Resource Statistics are not coming if subscribed QM is restarted  
Powerpack DE451605 IIB Broker component Runstate value is not changing if QM is used as Subscriber  
Powerpack DE456887 IBM MQ : Remote Queue Correlation is not working  
Powerpack DE456465 MQ:thread named """" has unexpectedly terminated because of java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException null in Agent logs  


Version 20.1

Feb 2020

Fixed Issues:

APM Component Defect Id   Affected Customers
Infra Agent DE450933 Openshift HA Proxy :  Error occurred while running the command ""oc create -f caagent-openshiftmonitor.yml""  
Infra Agent DE447222 App-Infra correlation is not working for Couchbase and Elasticsearch databases []  
Infra Agent DE448728 Compnent Runstate value metric is creating with Conficting Type when deleting a running App []  
Infra Agent DE447216 IIB - Infra Agent is not starting if IIB required jars are copied to apmia/lib folder []  
Infra Agent DE444383 ACC – AIX, Solaris, and S390 support is not offered when creating APMIA package [99.99.nextgen]  
Infra Agent DE446302 APMIA on Solaris Sparc V9 spams logs with ""[ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.AutoAttachService] Failed to execute docker presence check"" Fixed in >=  
Infra Agent DE445816 Elasticsearch infra monitor is throwing an error in agent log []  
Infra Agent DE445096 K8S: UMA: Missing metrics in latest YAML file and after adding, new metrics reporting starts and stops periodically  
Infra Agent DE445071 K8S: Map View: Extra vertex is coming for K8S  - KUBERNETES - type  
Infra Agent DE445924 An Error([ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.InfrastructureAgent] The thread named ""Agent Auto Attach"" has unexpectedly terminated because of java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError com/sun/tools/attach/AttachNotSupportedException)  observed while starting the agent  
Infra Agent DE442801 Kafka Lag in APM IA kafka monitoring is always constant  
Infra Agent DE445200 Vertex id contains null value  
Infra Agent DE444696 DaemonSet nodes are not coming on EM while testing Prometheus Exporter  
Infra Agent DE442828 Host Monitor -> OpenShift/Kubernetes appmap edge is broken  
Infra Agent DE439975 Opentracing: Incomplete Traces - Trace ID & start time reported in log message don't match details from Span  
Infra Agent DE439438 Opentracing: Some http backends with missing host/port details are not combined under DEFAULT metric path for Webservices  
Java Agent DE441039 FIX - 20086650 - TagScript.jar throwing Java Exception Yes
Java Agent DE447934 2 transaction trace tests are permanently failing in 20.1.0  
Java Agent DE447680 IndexOutOfBoundsException when checking trace isTraceSupressed()  
Java Agent DE444771 Limit number of metric clamp reached warnings in the agent log []  
Java Agent DE444766 Provide better error message for FileNotFoundException when user running test app does not have write privileges  
Java Agent DE444669 Fixed 99.99 version in several bundle.json files  
Java Agent DE445544 Change agent sampling to 15 traces every 15 seconds  
Java Agent DE444966 Tradeservice app broken after agent cleanup  
Java Agent DE431630 Bootstrap : WLS - provide better error message when WLS is started as user without appropriate privileges  
Java Agent DE443152 Agent latest async updates causing redef failures when switching from 'none' to 'normal' overhead mgmt level  
Java Agent DE442658 Frontend summary metrics report wrong data with called fragments data  
Java Agent DE442527 Akka/Play backend concurrent invocation keeps going up []  
Java Agent DE442114 Updates to property for disabling tracer groups does not take effect in some cases  
Java Agent DE435186 AWS2 Staging: agentManager.url.1 points to localhost in IntroscopeAgent.Profile for docker agent.  
Java Agent DE437500 APM 11.1.3 Cloud Agent Build & Release version showing as "" ( 11 )"" but it should  
Java Agent DE441991 java-async.pbd directive file for java-async extension should be removed  
Java Agent DE438612 investigate out of memory from jdk-async - System Test  
Powerpack DE449111 IIB Monitoring agent is not getting downloaded [Blocked on DE449456 ]  
Powerpack DE448437 Message Flow and Resource Statistics are not coming for IIB if Remote MQ is used []  

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