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When some IWSz files received out of order the older files that came in after the newer event data may not get processed.


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Automic Automation Intelligence


The IWS Connector processes Event files in order, if a file takes longer to be received and the subsequent file reaches the connector first, the new file will be processed and when the older files is received it will not be processed, as it is older then the last event time.




File1 comes

File3 comes

File2 comes later (out of order)


File2's event data will not get processed as newer data was already processed.





Release : 6.0.1


IWSConnector 1.10


Starting in AAI 6.0.2-x with IWS Connector 1.10, there is a default setting that will pause up to 1 hour if the Connector detects files out of order. 


The default is 3600 seconds (1hr), so you only need to add the parameter if you want to use another value.  


The pause is configured by adding the following to the tomcat command line, where 3600 is the number of seconds to pause. 


You can create a file in the /<Connector InstallDir>/bin directory to include the parameter below where xxx is the number of seconds to wait if a file is detected out of order.




1. Stop the IWS Connector and verify the tomcat running the IWS connector is shut down:

                  <IWS Connector Install Dir>/bin/

ps -eaf | grep tomcat


2. If you already have a, make a backup copy of the current <IWS Connector Install Dir>/bin/


3. Edit the and add the lines below

     Create a in IWS InstallDir/bin and just below the lines below:

Add the line below:

JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -DeventHoldTime=300"

4. Save the file.


5. Start up the Connector again with:

          <IWS Connector Install Dir>/bin/


6. Verify that you see the -DeventHoldTime=300  in the output below:

ps -eaf | grep tomcat grep | DeventHoldTime


When an event file comes in out of order you will see a message like below in the IWS Connect *_EV_iwscon.log:


ERROR [c.a.i.i.IWSFileCacheEvents] [XXXXXXXX=XXXXXXX-EV] Files out of sequence detected, holding all events until file arrives, or time:Thu Oct 29 10:42:28 EDT 2020


When files begin to be read and processed again you will see messages like below for each events file in the same log.

Reading event file:/<IWS files dir>/events.201102.1012 End Time:Mon Nov 02 10:11:00 EST 2020

Converting File:/<IWS files dir>/events.201102.1012 End Time:Mon Nov 02 10:11:00 EST 2020

Completed File:/<IWS files dir>/events.201102.1012 End Time:Mon Nov 02 10:11:00 EST 


After that point the events will be sent over to AAI via json, and inserted into the AAI waitingroomevents table until the Jammer process can process them.