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NFA Flash Pages to NetOps Portal Plan


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Network Flow Analysis Update:

As of January 1st, 2021 Flash will be EOS (End of Support). Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla will be removing the plugin from their browsers. It is vital to upgrade to NetOps 20.2.5 (at minimum) and Network Flow Analysis 10.0.5 (at minimum) to retain as much administrative function (previous Flash pages) as possible.

Please note NFA releases are bi-monthly, while NetOps Portal is monthly.


June Release in NetOps 21.2.1 / NFA 21.2.1: 

NFA API / NetOps Portal functions included in the June release include:

üCustom Virtual Interfaces

üTest SNMP Profile

üDiscover SNMP Profile


August Release in NetOps 21.2.2 / NFA 21.2.2: 

NFA API / NetOps Portal functions included in the August release include:

üCreate/Edit/Delete Application Mappings (Including NBAR2)


November Release in NetOps 21.2.5 / NFA 21.2.4: 

NFA API / NetOps Portal functions included in the November release include:

üCreate/Edit/Delete Aggregations


February Release in NetOps 21.2.8 / NFA 21.2.8: 

NFA API / NetOps Portal functions included in the February release include:

üCreate/Edit/Delete Port Priority*

üCreate/Edit/Reserved Seating*


Roadmap for CY2022 and beyond:

NetOps Portal features will be considered in a future release:

üEdit Routers (Router Name)*

üImproved Watchdog Messages

üThe rest of the NFA product moved into the NetOps Portal (the non-flash pages) for convivence purposes.

Important Notes

  • Features which have API functionality but are not in the NetOps Portal yet (see “*”).
  • The legacy NFA GUI is not being updated to remove flash.  The NFA GUI flash functionality is being implemented in the NetOps Portal.  This NetOps Portal UI will be flash-free.