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Team Properties Screen Freezes in Classic UI


Article ID: 201450


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The Team Properties screen freezes in the Classic UI when the Team List is set to display 50 records and the staff properties opens in a popup.   

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In the classic UI, create a project
2. On the Team tab, make the following two configuration changes: 
- Set the Rows per page = 50 
- Set the Properties Icon on the list view to 'OPEN AS POP-UP'
3. Staff over 50 resources/roles to the project team
4. Click on the properties icon to one of the team records
5. Either make a change and click on 'Save' or Save and Return' OR do not make any changes and click on 'Return'
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on three or more records (this may or may not need to be repeated on more than 10 records for the results below to occur)

Expected Results: The user is taken back to the Team list
Actual Results: The Staff Properties popup page freezes and a 'Refreshing the page. Please Wait.' message appears in the background. 


Caused by DE58377


After being reviewed by our engineering team, DE58377 has been closed as a defect that will not be fixed.  

1. Manually close the popup with the X on the top right hand corner and click on the back button on the Clarity screen to go back to the Team list. OR
2. Set the Staff Properties page to NOT open as a popup.