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How To Understand The Poll Log Summary


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A typical poll summary log will look something like the following:

2020-09-28 11:47:31,339 | INFO  |  300000-thread-1 | PollSummary                      | dm.core.common.EndOfCycleMessage  467 | 188 - - 3.6.1.RELEASE-319 |  | End of Cycle summary: EndOfCycleMessage [cycleStartTime=1601307600000 (Mon Sep 28 11:40:00 EDT 2020), statCycleStartTime=1601307300000 (Mon Sep 28 11:35:00 EDT 2020), pollGroupId=4198, polledItemCount=28, pollRequestCount=28, lateDroppedPollRequestCount=0, pollResponseCount=28, badPollResponseCount=0, badPollRequestTimedOutCount=0, notSentPollRequestCount=0, badPollUnknownHostCount=0, badPollSnmpPartialFailureCount=0, badPollSnmpFailureCount=0, badPollSnmpProfilesFailedCount=0, badPollSnmpNoProfilesCount=0, badPollAuthorizationFailureCount=0, badPollIcmpDaemonNotConnectedCount=0, goodPollResponseDroppedForDeltaCount=0, goodPollResponseSentCount=28, deviceRebootPollResponseCount=0, interpolatedResponseCount=0, counterRollerValueDroppedCount=0, responsesSentToDataProcessorCount=28, responsesSentToJmsCount=28]


DX NetOps, Performance Management


pollGroupID is the item id of the poll group, the group of items with same MF and poll rate.

statCycleStartTime  is the timestamp for the start of the poll cycle.

cycleStartTime is the timestamp for the end of the poll cycle where all data polled from statCycleStartTime to cycleStartTIme is marked with cycleStartTime  timestamp.

Others are self explanatory.

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