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Installation Support of Additional DevTest Instance Pointing to a Central IAM and Enterprise Dashboard


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test



Install of a separate DevTest Server instance and point to a central IAM and Enterprise Dashboard.



Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization




Steps to install the additional instance of DevTest on new machine and point to an existing IAM and Enterprise Dashboard:

NOTE: Make sure all the needed ports are open on the machines to connect to the central IAM and Enterprise Dashboard.

1. The new Registry must have its own SQL Server database.

2. When installing the server on each new machine you will choose this options for IAM:

Connect to an existing Identity and Access Manager

If you want to connect to an existing IAM in your environment, select this option. Enter the URL for the existing IAM. This URL is the host and port where Identity and Access Manager was installed. Clicking Validate verifies that you have entered a valid URL, but does not attempt to connect to IAM.

3. Next you will choose this option for the Enterprise Dashboard:

Existing Enterprise Dashboard Server
Enter the location of the existing Enterprise Dashboard. This option specifies that the registry installed with this Server is to connect to the existing Enterprise Dashboard.

4. After install on the new machines, you need to configure the file on the new Registry machine to point to the new SQL Server database for this Registry.  You can probably copy the file from the other Registry machine and then just change the properties to point to the new database.

5. You can then update the .vmoptions files for each component on the new machines to be like the other machines.

Additional Information

If you already have existing Registries where you now want to change to go to a central IAM and Enterprise Dashboard, do the following:


Copy these properties to the file on each Registry: (If you do not have a, copy to in the DEVTEST_HOME folder)

## ==============================================
## Configuring IAM
## ==============================================

where localhost is the machine where IAM is running

Restart IAM.


Uncomment these properties in the file on each Registry: (If you do not have a, copy to in the DEVTEST_HOME folder)

# ==============================================
## DevTest Enterprise Dashboard
##  This is the Service URL to use for sending component and metric information
##  to the DevTest Enterprise Dashboard
## ==============================================

where localhost is the machine where the Enterprise Dashboard is running.

If the Enterprise Dashboard is running on HTTPS set devtest.enterprisedashboard.https.enabled=true, else false

Restart each Registry.