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APM ACC install fails - org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'controller'


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE DX Application Performance Management


AIX - ACC install fails, in the ACC-HOME/logs/apmccctrl.log, we can see the below exception:

2020-09-25 15:53:18.585  INFO 18612398 [WrapperListener_start_runner] --- c.p.s.resteasy.JaxrsApplicationScanner   : Scanning classpath to find JAX-RS Applic
ation classes
2020-09-25 15:53:22.055  WARN 18612398 [WrapperListener_start_runner] --- p.s.r.ResteasyEmbeddedServletInitializer : No JAX-RS resource Spring beans have bee
n found
2020-09-25 15:53:22.899  INFO 18612398 [ACC-Plugin config watcher] --- c.c.a.a.plugin.impl.PluginConfigWatcher  : startWatching(plugin/
2020-09-25 15:53:23.487 ERROR 18612398 [WrapperListener_start_runner] --- o.s.boot.SpringApplication               : Application startup failed

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'controller' defined in Invocat
ion of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.NullPointerException



Release : APM 10.7.0 Command Center running on AIX

Java 1.8




The controller creates a file to store controler uuid before it is generated, and due to some SecureRandom NPE is not filled with UUID, thus the next start fails on NPE because the file is empty. This defect is fixed in next major release



Remove file [controller]/bin/.uuid


If the problem persists:

- edit [controller]/config/
add following line below line starting with "",certpath,provider

- run controller using
cd [controller]
./ console

-the output shall contain java security debug logs such as

Provider: SecureRandom.SHA2DRBG algorithm from: IBMJCE
Provider: SecureRandom.SHA1PRNG algorithm from: IBMJCE
Provider: SecureRandom.NativePRNG algorithm from: IBMJCE
2020-10-09 07:35:42.097  INFO 13697254 --- [er_start_runner]    : Instantiating Action manager...
Provider: MessageDigest.SHA-256 algorithm from: IBMJCE
2020-10-09 07:35:42.288  INFO 13697254 --- [pool-3-thread-1] c.c.a.a.plugin.impl.PluginConfigWatcher  : startWatching(plugin/
2020-10-09 07:35:42.552  INFO 13697254 --- [er_start_runner] c.c.a.a.controller.core.ControllerBean   : Read from .uuid file UUID=[9e4819e2-6901-4188-aad7-c75d0ac921dd], hostname=[Unknown Host]
2020-10-09 07:35:42.553  INFO 13697254 --- [er_start_runner] c.c.a.a.controller.core.ControllerBean   : Controller UUID for host Unknown Host is 9e4819e2-6901-4188-aad7-c75d0ac921dd
Provider: MessageDigest.SHA-256 algorithm from: IBMJCE
2020-10-09 07:35:44.808  INFO 13697254 --- [er_start_runner] c.c.a.a.controller.core.ControllerBean   : Activating CA APM ACC Controller Service

Open a support case and include this acc console information

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