MTC-A sees only one of two, or more LPARS; some lpars are missing.
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MTC-A sees only one of two, or more LPARS; some lpars are missing.


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


There are 2 or more lpar running CA OPS/MVS.

The MTC-A Tomcat server is running on 1 of them..

But in MTC-A  there is only 1, or some lpars of the multiple visible.. The others are missing.

What can be the reason? 



Release : 13.5



There are two causes seen so far:

  1. A new server deployment is made by copying the files of an existing server. This copies the files that contain the server id to the new deployment and we end up with two servers with the same id.
  2. The PDS member ZMSENVT2 did not get updated during a PTF application. PTFs after SO04859 use a simple text file to store the server id but require changes in the ZMSENVT2 member. If ZMSENVT2 does not have the required changes, the server may end up with wrong server id.


The issue with not seeing multiple lpars, is probably related to the ZMSSTART parameters...

Check the contents of the PDS member ZMSENVT2 and verify that the following lines are there:

# Server Id config

If these lines are missing copy the ZMSENVT2 member from the target libraries of the latest PTF and restart the server.

Ensure that the file /cfgb/instance/messageService/broker/server-id.txt is present in every server at all lpars and see the id inside.
It is an text file in ASCII. If the server id is the same, delete the files on the missing lpars and restart the server, a new unique server id will be generated.