An Explanation as to how Outage Editor is working in relation to Spectrum Report Manager (SRM)
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An Explanation as to how Outage Editor is working in relation to Spectrum Report Manager (SRM)


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The following information is intended to supplement the already provided Out Of Box information on Outage Editor on the Spectrum Report Manager Install and Administration Guide and also the Spectrum Report Manager user Guide.





    1. What is the retention period in Outage Editor for devices models and where can this be set / modified?

      By default SRM does archiving of past 90 days of data. It's table based not on model based.

      All of the records displayed in outage editor should only be for the last 90 days or whatever the data retention period is set for the "transformed tables" (not event table) in OC Web UI Administration Report Manager Preferences.

      You may occasionally see a slight deviation with some records outside of this due to the way in which the code is working but overall this is how it should be.

      For example it could be that 90 days ago, an outage was started on a device D1 and the retention period is set for 90 days. This record should be deleted the next day as 90 days has been reached but it is not due to there being an ongoing outage.

      If there is an ongoing outage on a device it will still show as a record in Outage Editor even past the retention period has been reached.
    2. What is the purpose of/or meaning behind this Outage Editor?

      At a high level, it's to update the outage records to Unplanned, Planned & Exempt- Refer to the Spectrum Report Manager Install Guide for further details- Here is a section:

      Outage Editor

      The Outage Editor lets you edit the outage records for all managed assets. You can retrieve outage records for particular models or for particular devices and interfaces, change the status of an outage in a record, annotate an outage record, and suspend an ongoing outage status for an asset that is available. Also, if you modify an asset outage that has caused an outage for a service model (because the asset is a service resource), you can modify the outage status for that service model.

      Note: If Report Manager model-based security is enabled, the user who is logged on to OneClick can only review and edit outages that are associated with the models that this user can access.

    Additional Information

    Please reference the "Outage Editor" section of the documentation for more information.