wcc unable to connect to autosys
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wcc unable to connect to autosys


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wcc unable to connect to autosys in the Configuration tab. Receiving the below error message when trying to validate the AutoSys server:

Error: E190099 <AutoSys hostname specified in Configuration tab> - Connection exception encountered. CAUAJM_E_00067 Validation Internal Error: Artifact "UserSession;Version-1.0;b8265419a83f3223d1e8763250a4742c-5f5fd24e-b8f4710-135a9" failed authentication..




Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)

Release: 11.4.7

Component: CA Workload Control Center


EEM needed the certificate to be regenerated.


Went to the AutoSys machine and ran autosys_secure and the below error message was displayed:

CAUAJM_E_60204 The instance is running under CA EEM security control but CA EEM is not available.

Do you wish to regenerate the CA EEM certificate and attempt to reconnect? [1(yes)/0(no)]: 

To resolve the above autosys_secure message:

1) Type 1 to regenerate the CA EEM certificate

2) Enter the name of the EEM Server

3) Type EiamAdmin

4) Type the password for the EiamAdmin user 

NOTE: You will be prompted twice for the password

Then it should successfully connect to the EEM server specfiied

Go back to the WCC Configuration Tab and validate the AutoSys server.