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Aggregate Attribute in Process Start Conditions


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We recently upgraded to 15.8 and we have a few processes which are using the aggregated attribute or a virtual attribute in the process start condition. If I try to save the process, I get a validation error on the aggregated attribute. 


Release : Clarity 15.4 and higher



This is working as expected and due to a design change made starting in 15.4 where virtual attributes and aggregated calculated attributes are no longer supported in process start conditions.

This is referenced in section Process Conditions Cannot Include Virtual Attributes or ACA at Configure Processes: 

Beginning with Release 15.4, a Task or Project object process condition cannot include a virtual attribute or aggregated calculated attribute. These attributes are no longer available for users to select in the expression builder when defining a process condition.
 An upgraded or imported process with derived virtual or aggregated calculated attributes will throw a validation error only if the step containing the attribute is evaluated again and the entire process is validated. See the 15.4 Change Impact and Upgrade documentation.

The reason for this change is noted below as referenced in CA PPM 15.4 Change Impact and Upgrade (Section Process Conditions Cannot Include Virtual Attributes or ACAs):

"If a process built around the Task or Project primary object included a virtual attribute or ACA in its start condition, the user could no longer use Autoschedule. Selecting these attributes and running the process also caused issues in other areas. For example, the application could prevent you from saving tasks, task assignments, or team member records."


It's possible XOG will allow you to make changes to a process with these attribute types in the start condition, but this is not supported, since it's not supported to have these fields in the start condition of your process. You may see some negative side effects including performance or other issues. 

  • Upgrade requirements for this change: See CA PPM 15.4 Change Impact and Upgrade section Process Conditions Cannot Include Virtual Attributes or ACAs for detailed information on this change. Excerpt below:
    • Upgrade Action: Review your existing processes before you put them on hold as a prerequisite before upgrading. Moreover, your existing processes should not include these types of attributes in process conditions.
    • If you did not already remove these invalid attributes pre-upgrade, remove them post-upgrade from conditions for processes that are based on the Task object or the Project object.
    • After the upgrade to 15.4, the application enforces the removal of these problematic attributes for you when you define a new process condition. However, only you can remove them from your legacy processes. 

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