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Missing "Windows Authentication" in the URL Check (Enhanced) - MCS Template


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are facing an incompatibility to migrate production profiles within the MCS template system. We have "url_response" profiles using the "Windows Authentication" option and a domain service account. These profiles do not work in MCS with the NTLM or GSSNEGOTIATE options. Could you correct the template to include this important option?
Our new integration systems, based on DX IM APIs, do not allow us to return to a package management system.

We consider this request as a support incident, because it does not seem logical to go through a request for evolution, when the template has been created, validated, ignoring an authentication method (perfectly supported by the probe).

Ancienne GUI:

Configuration (key/value):

On the left, you could see an example of the "authentication_type = 1", for the "NTLM" option.

On the Right, you could see the needed case, with the option "Windows Authentication" checked. The "authentication_type" value need to be empty.

Extract of the template file "URL_Check(enhanced).xml":

We changed the default value from "0" to "empty", based on the new "default" choice named "Windows Authentication". It worked. But we can't deploy it in production.


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - URL_RESPONSE

- url_response 4.46

- URL Check (Enhanced) 4.46.2 (MCS template)



- Applied Enhanced MCS template-> url_response_mcs_templates GA Version: 4.52 (GA)