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NFA data source shows "Unreachable" in System Health of CA Performance Center but is synchronised under Data Sources


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After upgrade from 3.7.5, the NFA data source shows as unreachable in the System Health CAPC view, but shows as available and synched in data source view.

I was following Broadcom techdoc

And while checking in NetOps portal if the NFA datasource is recorded with ipv6 address for OdataUrl

We see that the management IP has been used and not the production IP.


CAPC 3.x

NetOps 20.x

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration

NFA 10.x


The NFA host is multi-homed and we have picked up the wrong ipv4 NIC address. This issue can also be caused by an IPv6 address being registered for OdataUrl.


On the NFA host, in windows settings, change the priority of the Network Interface Card (NIC) so that the NIC you want CAPC to use is at the top.

Alternately, if NFA is multi-homed with both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, you can disable the IPv6 address in the registry of the NFA machine then reboot it. This will allow the IPv4 address to be shown in CAPC.

Then do a full resynchronization on the NFA data source in CAPC.