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AWI logs into incorrect system if already logged into another system


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


An AWI with multiple Automation Engine connections configured will incorrectly log you into a system if you have a previous connection with the same username opened in a different system.  Only happens in Chrome and Firefox, does not happen on IE.

Steps to reproduce
Set up an AWI that has two systems attached:
On server1, system is called Automic, admin user is 100/AUTOMIC/AUTOMIC - pwd is automic
On server2, system is called Automic, admin user is 100/AUTOMIC/AUTOMIC - pwd is 1234

1) have a single AWI point to the two different AWA systems mentioned above
2) Open a browser tab in chrome or firefox and go to the awi to login
3) choose the following to login:
   Connection: Server1
   Client: 100
   Name: AUTOMIC
   Department: AUTOMIC
   Password: automic
4) login
5) go to Administration perspective, Automation Engine, note the Host information

6) Open a new browser tab in the same browser
7) Put in the following
   Update Connection to: Server2
   Delete all characters from Client and put in: 100
   Delete all characters from Name and put in: AUTOMIC
   Delete all characters from Department and put in: AUTOMIC
   Update pwd to: garbagestring

Expected behavior:
Should get access denied due to incorrect password

Actual behavior:
Get logged into previous system, LVNTEST


Release : 12.3.3



This is caused by the AWI being connected to 2 systems of the same name, which is prohibited


The documentation will be enhanced:

The sentence "Important: Every connection must have a unique definition of system and name." is not clear enough and could be interpreted that the combination of both must be unique, which is incorrect. Both must be seen independently, system must be unique, and name must be unique in the same uc4config.xml.

If it is necessary to have a single AWI installation to connect to several systems with the same name, this is an enhancement request