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CA/Broadcom Product Support for Mixed Case Passwords and Mixed Case Phrases - OPENMVS


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System Watchdog for OpenVMS Console Management for OpenVMS SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT FOR OPENVMS Job Management for OpenVMS


OPENVMS products support mixed case passwords and mixed case phrases.



Release : 3.2

Component : OpenVMS Enterprise Edition Event Managem


OPENVMS products have no need for mainframe mixed case passwords and passphrase support, these products are non-z/OS products

However, with this being said: the SSH component already supports mixed case passwords. With SSH publickeys, you can specify a mixed case passphrase when creating a public/private key pair. And you can generate such keys on OpenVMS using the SSH keygen utility.

There is a kit available from VMS Software Inc. called Enhanced Password Management that a user can 
install and configure that allows mixed case and special characters to be in passwords.

VSI Enhanced Password Management software for VSI OpenVMS Integrity Version V8.4-2L1 and VSI OpenVMS Alpha Versions V8.4-2L2 and V8.4-2L1.

You can download this from their website