When using the Open Space interface a user with Employee rights is unable to attach files to a ticket.


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When CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) is configured and integrated with CA Open Space, you may run into a situation where a user who has an "Employee" based Access Type is unable to add attachments to a ticket while logged into Open Space. If they were to log into the Service Desk Manager web interface directly, the user does not have any issues. You will see a similar problem if a user with an Employee Access Type tries to use the Service Desk Manager Mobile Enabler application, which is integrated with CA Open Space.


There is a data partition constraint that is associated to the Employee Role that can cause a problem when attempting to use attachments in CA Open Space.

You can disable this data partition constraint in order to allow attachments to function correctly for Employee based Access Type users in CA Open Space:

  1. Log into Service Desk Manager with an Administration account.
  2. Find the contact record that is having the problem and confirm the Access Type associated to this account.
  3. Go to the Administration tab and expand "Security and Role Management". Go into "Access Types" and find the Access Type that is associated to the user as verified in Step #2 above.
  4. Go to the "Roles" tab and note the Role that is associated to the "SOAP Web Service API Role" section (by default for an Employee this will be "Employee").
  5. Close the Access Type window and go back to "Security and Role Management" and expand "Role Management" and select "Role List". Find the Role that was noted previously in Step #4 above.
  6. Under the "Authorization" tab, there is a section called "Data Partition Name". Click the name of the Data Partition that is associated to this Role.
  7. A list of constraints will return. Locate the following constraint and inactivate:

    Type: Pre-Update
    Table: Attachment
    Constraint: id = 0

Doing so will not have a negative effect to attachments directly in the Service Desk Manager web interface and will allow attachments in CA Open Space to function correctly.

**NOTE: It has been observed that after making this adjustment it may take several minutes for the change to reflect within CA Open Space as a result of caching. Please allow several minutes for the cache to refresh and then attachments should function in CA Open Space.


Release: SWAMFC059000-12.7-Software Asset Manager-Flow Control