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Using Test Data Manager (TDM) with Saleforce


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We have a need to mask PII/PHI data from Salesforce while being copied to sub production environments for testing.
Can CA TDM 4.9.x support SalesForce data masking?

We recently were tasked to answer an RFP from a customer who, besides wanting to perform TDM operations on their
Mainframe, Distributed, and noSQL databases, wanted to have consistency with their sandbox data.  


TDM Portal 4.9.X
DataMaker 4.9.X


TDM doesn't have Salesforce on its support matrix,


As TDM doesn't have Salesforce on its support matrix, we created a demo using the Salesforce DataLoader export/import utility.  

I've attached a runbook that details how to set up a demo of Synthetic Data Generation and Masking for a Salesforce "Contact" entity as an example.  
If you have Salesforce data requirements or wish to see how TDM might be configured with a DataSource that can only be accessed via an import/export utility, this document may be useful as an example.

Additional Information

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Possible Error:
I have followed all the steps as mentioned but while connecting to Salesforce via dataloader, I am getting below error.
"Failed to send the request to"

Possible Solution:
a quick search seems to indicate the most common situation is that your organization uses a proxy server.   You must specify that information to connect.


1602256119074__Setting up a CA TDM demo with SalesForce - v0.3 - 082020.pdf get_app