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How to run PII scans on a flat file using TDM Portal Or Data Maker.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need some documentation on how to run PII scans on flat files. Currently, we are unable to create even a connection profile for a flat-file. 


TDM Portal 4.9.X
Data Maker 




CA Test Data Manager 4.9 => Provisioning Test Data =>  Defining Test Data => Defining Test Data Using Datamaker => Object Registration => Register Flat Files

Here are the list of topics from my search for Flat files and PII:

Search for registering flat file

Search for register flat file portal

Search for pii


Prepare Test Data for Non-Relational Data Sources
Has a video showing how to register a flat file.
Create and Edit Projects
Create an Environment
Defining Test Data Using the CA TDM Portal
Create a Data Model and Audit PII Data

Prepare the Environment for PII Data Scan