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Find and Reserve Tile: Where are the F&R tile execution stored in GTREP?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I would like to extract and prepare metrics of the number of F&R tiles that have been executed in a given month by different users.
Is this information stored in GTREP tables or OrientDB? I couldn't find the F&R tile info in gtrep_job_information table.


TDM 4.9, 4.10




The following GTREP table contains all of the F&R reservations [gtrep].[dbo].[test_data_reservation] and could be used to report on how many reservations have been made.  
Telemetry also contains high level daily Find and Reserve metrics and can be downloaded from the Telemetry section of the portal, this is the list of metrics available from telemetry 
Find & Reserve
the number of user sessions involved in the creation or editing of the Find & Reserve model per day.
The number of user sessions involved in running Find & Reserve search per day.

Additional Information

In 4.8 the reservations are stored in the data_view_instance table

But I do not see any user context information store in these tables to be able to pull metics.