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Client Automation - DSM Explorer is taking some minutes to be opened on Enterprise Server


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


On Enterprise server open of DSM Explorer could take 2 minutes or more.

How to speed up this ?



Client Automation 14.0 SP2



In TRC_GUI*.log following SQL Query appears and could take more than 1 minute to be executed :


SELECT count(*) FROM ca_logical_asset_property WHERE logical_asset_uuid in (select logical_asset_uuid from ca_asset_source where subschema_id=2 and logical_asset_uuid is not null and delete_time is null) and logical_asset_uuid in (select logical_asset_uuid from ca_asset_class join ca_class_hierarchy on ca_asset_class.class_id = ca_class_hierarchy.child_class_id where ca_asset_class.hierarchy_id = 1) and delete_time is null and logical_asset_uuid in (select logical_asset_uuid from ca_logical_asset where host_name not in (select host_name from ca_discovered_hardware union all select primary_network_address from ca_discovered_hardware)) and logical_asset_uuid not in (select logical_asset_uuid from ca_asset_source join ca_agent on asset_source_uuid=object_uuid and subschema_id=3 and logical_asset_uuid is not null and delete_time is null)



Open a case at CA Broadcom technical Support and request the fix T55v208 (ITCM SP2)

This fix could be installed on Enterprise and/or Domain Manager 14.0 SP2

This fix contains an optimized version of query above which reduce a lot the DSM Explorer opening time.