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How do I add a "Start Job" option to a jobstream for an Autosys Scheduler in AAI?


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Automic Automation Intelligence


How do I add a Start Job option to a jobstream for an Autosys Scheduler in AAI?





1. Open the configuration tool from <install dir>/config/


2. Go to the Params tab.


3. Under "less commonly configured" find "client.enablejobstreamstartjob" and set to True.

Note that it states the following so use it with caution:

"Enable the Jobstream StartJob feature in the Edit Jobstream dialog. This is a very advanced feature and should be used with care. See the JAWS documentation for more detailed information."


4. Once it is enabled log out of any AAI clients and log back in.


5. Edit or create any new Jobstream for an Autosys Scheduler and you see see the Start Tab.


This will allow you to select the Start Job for a jobstream run.  So instead of the jobstream run starting when it sees the first upstream job start, it will only start the jobstream run once the specified job starts to run.


You must be careful using this option as if some jobs have dependencies on jobs that start before the start job you may run into issues with unexpected results.