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REST Webservice Migration Assistant causes DB Blocking


Article ID: 201132


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When attempting to use the REST Migration Assistant to move RA Webservice REST jobs from version 3.x to version 4.x, it is possible that the system encounters blocking records which can cause the system to stop processing all work.

This is more likely to occur when any of the following are met:

- There is a large number of objects defined within the system (100,000+)
- There are still records within the Activity Window for the jobs looking to be migrated.
- The database for the Automation Engine is not performant.
- The database for the Automation Engine is Oracle. 


Release : 12.3



The migration tool performs a large number of modifications to the object-level records (O*) for the objects being migrated. It is possible that in a system that is heavily used this causes blocking.


This is under review for modification.

To work around this issue:

1.) Export the V3.x objects you wish to migrate into a transport case.

2.) Move them into an environment that is not as active or, ideally, has no activity.

3.) Perform the migration via the migration assistant.

4.) Export the new V4 objects back into a transport case.

5.) Delete the V3 objects from your existing system.

6.) Import the new objects.