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What impact will cancelling the 'Reporting Database Synchronization Job' do in Control Compliance Suite 12.x?


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Control Complicate Suite (CCS)

The 'Reporting Database Synchronization Job' is taking a long time to run on your CCS Application Server, and you are wondering what might happen if it is cancelled.


Release : CCS 12.x

Component : Application Server


You can right click on the system 'Reporting Database Synchronization Job' and select 'Cancel Job' to stop the job from running.  The 'Reporting Database Synchronization Job' is already scheduled to run each night, so when it runs again it will pick up where the last successful point and continue synchronizing the data to the CCS Reporting database.  

NOTE: If it is cancelled, there is a good chance that the next 'Reporting Database Synchronization Job' will take longer as it is synchronizing additional data since the previous 'Reporting Database Synchronization Job' was cancelled.