CA Deliver - Use of RMODBASE UNLOAD for Database Backup
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CA Deliver - Use of RMODBASE UNLOAD for Database Backup


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Can a valid backup of a Deliver database be done using RMODBASE UNLOAD while the Deliver RMOSTC task is active?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


Trying to get a copy of the Deliver database, while the RMOSTC task is active, is like trying to capture a moving target.

The output of the UNLOAD would not be usable, however you would be able to obtain a time estimate of how long the function will run.

The only way to get a valid copy of a Deliver database, by performing a RMODBASE UNLOAD, is with the Deliver RMOSTC task being inactive.

To prepare for obtaining a copy you would need to:

. Bring down the Deliver RMOSTC task with "/F rmostc,OFF", so that the pre-spool processing hooks (RMOPARM JOBCLSL and SYSCLSL) are removed.

. Job output that would be processed while the task is active would then go to the JES spool, whereas you would then need to use Deliver post-spool processing (RMOPARM NETCLSL/NETDEST/NETFORM) to have it process through Deliver.