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Issue with Mainframe Masking seedlist for consistency


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I am implementing CA TDM masking for my company. Business objective is to implement consistent and synchronous masking across 4 tech stacks viz. Sql Systems , Oracle, Mainframe and DB2 systems. 

My team has successfully  implemented masking for SQL systems and Oracle systems so far and currently progressing masking for M/F flat files on mainframe. CA TDM mainframe package was installed on mainframe with all JCL, procs and table created successfully and seed data from package uploaded to table GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1.

Please note that for SQL systems, we had uploaded custom seed data of around 100,000 rows for First name, Last name and Full name to meet client requirement and successfully implemented masking using this data. The present issue is that the seed list data in SQL server (table gtsrc_reference_data_final) is not in sync with seed data on Mainframe (GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1 ). 

To prove consistent masking across sql systems and mainframe, seed data at both places need to be in sync so we are exploring ways to copy seed data (100,000) records from sql systems to Mainframe but below are the challenges :

1. Seed table format on sql server (GTSRC_REFERENCE_DATA_FINAL) is different from seed table on Mainframe (GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1) 

2. How to map the columns between the two tables as some extra columns are present on mainframe table (RL_RN, RL_TOTAL, RL_RN1, RL_TOTAL1 which are not present on sql server

3. Please find below sample rows from GTSRC_REFERENCE_DATA_FINAL for you reference. I can pass this data file in csv or .txt format in an email to you

rd_ref_id rd_ref_value rd_old_value rd_ref_value2 rd_ref_value3 rd_ref_value4 rd_ref_value5 rd_ref_value6 rd_ref_value7 rd_ref_value8 rd_ref_value9 rd_index
Generic Details Mrs.     NULL Jolanda     J Light Materials engineer VIDEO CONCEPTS Jolanda Light NULL NULL 1
Generic Details Mr. NULL Christopher M Wiles Newsletter writer MAGNA CONSULTING Christopher Wiles NULL NULL 2


4. Can you please urgently help in ingesting sql server seedlist to M/F table GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1


Release : 4.9.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager


You can only use  GTSRC_REFERENCE_LOV1 table and NOT gtsrc_reference_data_final  to ensure consistency across all distributed system and mainframe

The gtsrc_reference_lov1 table in DB2 should had been loaded as part of their mainframe installation. Since this table is part of the XMI files that distributed and the biggest hurdle that he is going to have has to do with the uploading of the SEEDCARD and SEED0x XMI files, which are expanded by the installation JCL procs. This is all detailed in the mainframe installation instructions.

 The seedlist data is the same for both tables.