How to discover Accounts via PxPolicy
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How to discover Accounts via PxPolicy


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When executing a get Accounts within Pxpolicy with a static account, the values of that account are not returning.


Release : 14.X



This would most likely indicate that the account value you are entering actually does not match the value the endpoint has. To test this you will need to create a PxPolicy that pulls that value so that you can test. Be aware that you can only pull account values to a user that is correlated to the endpoint. You will not be able to pull user data without them being correlated to a global user.

Steps to create PX policy:

Profile Tab:

Policy Name: TestValues

Policy Type: UI


Events Tab:

Submission: Modify User

Data Tab:

Name: Pull Value

Category: Accounts

Type: Accounts

Function: Get

Endpoint Type: <Endpoint Type> (Example: Google Apps)


Action Rules Tab:

Add Action when Matched:

Name: Test

Category: Messages

Type: Display On-Screen Message

Function: Display a message on the screen

Message to be displayed: {'Pull Value'}


Finally, perform any modification against a user who has a Google endpoint and when you hit submit you will get an error on the top left displaying the Endpoint Name and their Account ID.

Please make sure that the account name in your original get account PxPolicy, matches the account ID being displayed by the new test PxPolicy.