SYSVIEW - How to check CICS Transaction response time on the panels
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SYSVIEW - How to check CICS Transaction response time on the panels


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We are trying to find the average response time for all CICS regions transactions on a monthly basis. Can you please help us out on finding the RespTime in SYSVIEW panel (I dont see a column as RespTime).


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


To find the Average Response time of CICS transactions, the recommendation is to use the CTRANLOG command.  Scroll to the right to see the Resptime field on the screen.  

NOTE: If statistics are missing when invoking the CTRANLOG screen, enter command CCONFIG and set YES next to log-transactions.

This screen provides further ways to use the data:

  1. There are some basic commands such as ‘Select resptime nb’. The nb indicates non-blank, and the result will be only those transactions that have a response time recorded.
  2. Enter command ‘Total resptime’ on the command line. This will present a new line just under the command line similar to the below, which will show the average response time for all of the transactions:  

                 TOTL008I 'Resptime' total 11.18854 average 0.279714 count 40

  1. The time period you want to look at can also be limited on the lines toward the top, below the command line.

More detail on CTRANLOG can be found in the SYSVIEW manuals as well as in the Knowledge Database.