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Why are there two entries for a leaf switch in DX Netops Performance Management


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


Why is a leaf switch seen twice, once with an IP address of and once with a valid IP address?


Release : 20.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


VNA will use the out of band management address (oobMgmtAddr in the return from the rest call) for the leaf switch IP Address.

In the rest output from OC AQUISITION DEBUG, we can see the leaf switch returning "oobMgmtAddr": ""

The second device is discovered via SNMP.

These will not reconcile due to the IP Address differences.


Update the out of band management address to the correct IP.

You would need to delete the device in the DA manageable devices list, then set the VNA gateway admin down/up to update.

Note that deleting the device would effectively remove the historical data for that device.