IDMS: Create EMPDEMO during install/configuration
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IDMS: Create EMPDEMO during install/configuration


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It is not possible to do an "ADDON" install of the EMPDEMO sample database, because such actions can only be done for component products.
EMPDEMO is a database, not a product.

Furthermore, EMPDEMO can not be created during an upgrade configuration (GJUPGRAD=YES in VARBLIST).
It can only be done as part of a full base install (GJUPGRAD=NO).

This document describes a process for creating EMPDEMO during an upgrade configuration.


CA IDMS, all supported releases.


This process requires that a distinct CAISAG execution be run separately from the GJUPGRAD=YES configuration being performed.

It should be performed after you have run your standard upgrade configuration jobs.

1. Make the following changes to your upgrade VARBLIST:

GJJ000OP = YES (and set all other products and all xxxADDON product parameters at the bottom to NO)
BEGINMEM = EMP (to distinguish the jobs from your usual JOBxx members)
GJCOBREL = YES (if using Cobol 5.1 or greater)

2. Run the CAISAG job.

3. From job EMP05, run only steps ALCD#EEM, ALCD#EIN and ALCD#EOR to allocate the database files.

4. Create a copy of job EMP07 and call it EMP07A and make the following edits:
In ddname SYSUT1 of step GJDTDMCL, delete everything from the start down to but not including ADD SEGMENT EMPDEMO.
Delete everything from ADD DMCL xxxxxxxx down to but not including MODIFY DMCL xxxxxxxx.
Delete everything in the MODIFY DMCL xxxxxxxx statement except for the line INCLUDE SEGMENT EMPDEMO and the closing ";".
Delete every step from GJDTDBTB down to but not including LOADDMCL.
Delete every step from LOADDBTB and the remainder of the job.

5. Run job EMP07A.
Note: This will use the standard JCL built according to the other VARBLIST parameters you defined to add the EMPDEMO segment to your global DMCL.
In the interests of keeping these instructions as simple as possible, it does not add an EMPDEMO dbname entry. It is not needed. For a simple network-defined database, the segment name can be used as a DBNAME.

6. Run job EMP14.

Additional Information

The VARBLIST parameters describing the physical attributes of the EMPDEMO database (GJEEMDSN thru GJEORMGT) are not used in an upgrade configuration.
However the instructions given above are based on the CAISAG-generated JCL of a full base configuration, so they should be reviewed.