Install manual does not match product as packaged.
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Install manual does not match product as packaged.


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Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management (APM)


In the CE APM manuals on Broadcom docops, there are references such as: 

      "1. Customize the macro [hlq]SEDIT with your site-specific information"; "the [hlq]AREAD member, and submit the [hlq]EDALL member."; "Open the SAMPJCL member [hlq]1HOLD"

None of these members exists in SAMPJCL. These instructions do not match how the product is packaged.


Release : 10.5

Component : Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management


the SAMPJCL is indeed different then the manual says...
Attached the proper installation guide for this version.

Even it says rel 3.0, it's the proper one..
See chapter 5: Installing your product using a pax file, and then subchapter 'Install the Cross-Enterprise APM Agent'..

This contains the proper installation procedure..

It seems the manuals at the docops website contains the newer versions and CE APM is using still an older installation procedure. 


1602139531120__APM_CE_Install_ENU.pdf get_app